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Chico Lingo Blog Archive by Sergio Troncoso


Sergio Troncoso's blog about reading, writing, and culture is at Chico Lingo Blog. Visit his list of recommended books at www.LiteraryLatino.com.


Gabi, a Girl in Pieces

Ramon Renteria

Troncoso Reading Prizes

Winners of 2015 Troncoso Reading Prizes



My Heart Is a Drunken Compass

The King and Queen of Comezón

A Letter from a Reader



Dallas 1963: Context and Questions

First Week of College

Lost in a Labyrinth of Ideas: Hotel Juarez

The Making of an Anthology: Our Lost Border

The Rise of an Iron Mariposa

Stories from the Heart of El Paso



Damaged yet Unbeaten Heroine from New Orleans

Thursday Night in El Barrio

Why Read?

The Distance to Tucson



My Brother in Afghanistan

November Readings and Events

October Readings and Events

Why I Wrote From This Wicked Patch of Dust

September Readings and Events

The Lost Border: Request for Submissions

Economic Uncertainty as a Political Weapon

Solve the Mystery, Win a Free Book

Obama’s Focus


Packinghouse Poet

Moral Luck



The Bookery in Socorro

The Provinciality of the United States

The Consumer Used and Abused

A Peculiar Journey

Terror and Humanity

American Anima

Traveling Alone Together

Illegal is Illegal

Literal: Latin American Voices

King of the Chicanos

Mr. Fixit


Financial Chess

Returning the Blood to Words

The Loss of Juarez

The Texas Board of Ignorance


228 Miles

Camino del Sol

Between Scylla and Charybdis

The Poetry of HTML

Anger Magnus

The Earthquake in Haiti and Charitable Giving

Harold Hernesh



Christmas Tamales in Ysleta

Latinos and Jews on Hanukah

Support Free Public Libraries

Guadalajara: Feria Internacional del Libro

Know Thyself and Buyer Beware

A Week to Remember

Radio Yankee Baseball and Hideki Matsui

Is the Texas Library Association Excluding Latino Writers?

Texas Two-Step

Mysterious Creatures

Getting Ready For Winter

Why We Are Not A ‘We’

Diario de Oaxaxa

Yankee Fan

Investment Character

Half-mud, Half-dead

Costa Rica

Reaching Back In History To Stop Thinking

When Ideology Trumps Practical Reason

Business News Blather

America in Retrenchment

A Really Long Commute

Our Children in the World

Why I Write Simply

The Show-Me State

Henri Poincaré

The Last Day of School

Investment Analysis

Sotomayor, Empathy, and Intellect

East Harlem Café and Hit List Reading

Bertha E. Troncoso

Cinco de Mayo: A Victory for the Underdog

Pandemic Flu and Xenophobia: A History Lesson

Putting a Price on Time

Easter in El Paso

Planting Apple Trees

“The Brothers Warner” and Writing to Educate

Burning Down Your Own Neighborhood

Praise for Teachers Past and Present

TV Rants as News, and Undermining the National Dialogue

Bear Market Blues

Encouraging Kids to Read, Encouraging Kids to Excel in School

Marie Ponsot

Michael Phelps and the Violence in Mexico: Connect the Dots

A Cool February Night


The Latino Dream with Obama

Killing Latinos in New York

Human Nature and the Failure of Our Institutions



Sanibel Island

An Ysleta Christmas

Disastrous 2008, and the Need for Simplicity

For an Unofficial God

Yin-Yang, Opposition and Balance

600 Pages of Patience

Writing and Investing

Obama, the Mestizo Mutt

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