The Last Tortilla and Other Stories --- Reviews of his first collection of short stories from Booklist, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, The El Paso Times, The Austin Chronicle, Bloomsbury Review, The Texas Observer, Multicultural Review, and more.

Discussion Questions and Teaching Guides for Books --- Please feel free to use or modify these discussion questions for Sergio Troncoso's books: The Last Tortilla and Other Stories (downloadable PDF); The Nature of Truth (PDF); Crossing Borders: Personal Essays (PDF); and From This Wicked Patch of Dust (PDF).

Teaching guides: PDF of Four Teaching Guides for From This Wicked Patch of Dust and PDF of Three Teaching Guides for Crossing Borders Personal Essays.

The Nature of Truth:

“Troncoso, primarily known for his US-Mexican Border works, is, as The Nature of Truth suggests, the brightest and most able of the modern Border writers and thinkers.”
Prime Number Journal

“Impressively lucid.”
The Chicago Tribune

The Nature of Truth is a unique meditation on redemption and retribution that tackles racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism with sensitivity and skill.”
The El Paso Times

“The subtlety, and fairness, with which Troncoso presents these conflicting frameworks [Nietzschean valor, Christian pragmatism, and blind inductivism] stand as the novel's crowning intellectual achievement, side by side with the artistic one: a convincing tale of murder and ruminating guilt.”
Janus Head, a journal of Philosophy, Literature and Psychology

The Last Tortilla and Other Stories:

“An earthy collection....These stories are richly satisfying.”
Publishers Weekly

“Each story is an organic whole, full of characters who have lives as complete as the reader’s....Enthusiastically recommended.”

“Troncoso really shines when he writes about El Paso and the life of Mexican-Americans there. He has the gift for writing from his heart outward into his reader's heart.”
Bloomsbury Review

“Troncoso is a master storyteller....Readers’ hearts will be touched by episodes of loss, tragedy, and love.”
Multicultural Review

From This Wicked Patch of Dust --- Reviews of Sergio Troncoso's novel from Kirkus Reviews, The Dallas Morning News, The El Paso Times, The Albuquerque Journal, NPR affiliate: Arizona’s KNAU, The Philadelphia City Paper, Spanish News Agency EFE, and more.

Crossing Borders: Personal Essays --- Reviews of his collection of essays from The Hispanic Reader, Portland Book Review,, Literal Magazine, Southwestern American Literature, REFORMA, The Packinghouse Review, The El Paso Times, and more.

From This Wicked Patch of Dust:

“Troncoso is clearly adept at his craft, telling a story filled with rich language and the realities of family life....Troncoso’s novel is an engaging literary achievement.”
Kirkus Review, starred review

“Nuanced and authentic....The real beauty of this book is that it mines the rich diversity of tradition and culture among Latinos, as well as the commonalities they share with other Americans—love of family, faith and country.”
The Dallas Morning News

“Effortlessly, with elegance of style, Troncoso weaves a tapestry of lives, of human beings who by the end of the book feel not just real, not just intimately close, but undeniable, inescapable, a part of ourselves.”
---Miroslav Penkov, Judge for PEN/Texas Southwest Book Award for Fiction

Crossing Borders: Personal Essays:

“These very personal essays cross several borders: cultural, historical, and self-imposed....We owe it to ourselves to read, savor and read them again.”
The El Paso Times

“Troncoso’s book is a piece of artwork and a piece of heritage that everyone, not just Latinos, should take the time to read.”
Portland Book Review

“A champion for the rights of immigrants who have come to this country for a better, more prosperous life.”

“Troncoso’s essays are lucid, philosophical, and erudite without being condescending to the reader. Crossing Borders signals a shift in writing about what it means to be Chicano and a writer in the early 21st century.”
The Packinghouse Review

The Nature of Truth --- Reviews of Sergio Troncoso's novel from Prime Number Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Forward, The Believer Magazine, Janus Head, Multicultural Review, Review of Contemporary Fiction, Southwest Book Views, The El Paso Times, and more. A revised and updated edition was published in 2014.

Our Lost Border: Essays on Life amid the Narco-Violence --- Reviews of anthology of essays edited by Sarah Cortez and Sergio Troncoso from Publishers Weekly, Literal Magazine, Kirkus Reviews, McAllen Monitor, San Antonio Express-News, and more.

Our Lost Border: Essays on Life amid the Narco-Violence:

“These essayists posit that widespread hope for the region begins with the involvement of the individual: ‘This should be our struggle.’”
---Publishers Weekly

Our Lost Border: Essays on Life Amid the Narco-Violence, a treasure trove of one dozen personal essays, deserves to be celebrated, read, and discussed in every community in North America.”
---Literal Magazine: Latin American Voices

“Exceptionally beautiful and poignant writing.”
---The San Antonio Express-News

“Informative and stirring, Our Lost Border is an invaluable tool for engaging in the sorts of conversations and behavior that will allow us to turn the tide of violence along the border. A must-read for those who dream of a return to the border that was.”
---The McAllen Monitor

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