From This Wicked Patch of Dust: Pilar and Cuauhtemoc Martinez and their four children begin life in the shantytown of Ysleta on the United States-Mexico border. They struggle to stay together despite cultural clashes, different religions, and politics after September 11, 2001. Will their shared history and once-common dreams be enough to hold together a family from Ysleta, this wicked patch of dust?

The Nature of Truth: Helmut Sanchez is a young researcher in the employ of renowned Yale professor Werner Hopfgartner. By chance, Helmut discovers a letter written decades ago by his boss mocking guilt over the Holocaust. Appalled, Helmut digs into the scholar's life and travels to Austria and Italy to uncover evidence of Hopfgartner’s hateful past. What will Helmut do with the truth he discovers?

Short Stories

“Rosary on the Border” (excerpt), Literary Hub, A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son.

“Eternal Return”, Yale Review, A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son.

“Library Island”, Michigan Quarterly Review, A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son.

“A Rock Trying To Be a Stone” (PDF), The Last Tortilla and Other Stories. “Una Piedra Tratando de Volverse Roca”, Spanish translation published in Tierra Adentro: Cuentario.

Day of the Dead” (PDF), The Last Tortilla and Other Stories.

“Angie Luna” (PDF), The Last Tortilla and Other Stories.

“The Snake”, The Last Tortilla and Other Stories.


“My family’s El Paso’s story is quintessentially American,” CNN Opinion.

Review Essay: “Leaving El Paso”, Texas Monthly.

“Passing Ambition”, We Wear the Mask: Fifteen True Stories of Passing in America.

“The Good Son”, Texas Monthly.

“Why Read?” (PDF), Chico Lingo.

“The Loss of Juarez”, Literal Magazine.

“Fresh Challah” (PDF), Hadassah Magazine and Crossing Borders: Personal Essays.

“Why Should Latinos Write Their Own Stories?” (PDF), Crossing Borders: Personal Essays.

La Última Tortilla: Tres Cuentos --- Spanish edition of three stories, “Angie Luna,” “The Last Tortilla,” and “Remembering Possibilities,” for the Kindle, Nook or Apple Books.

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