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Book Summary * Teacher’s Guide

“The castoffs and castaways of Nobody’s Pilgrims hit the road in search of the American Dream, a long shot made longer by the pack of human devils hot on their trail. In this superb novel, Sergio Troncoso gives us a fresh take not only on the great American road trip, but on the American Dream itself in all its glorious and increasingly fragile promise. The propulsive force of this novel, and the destination it ultimately brings us to, left me wanting more, and yet feeling completely satisfied. As only the best novels do.”
---Ben Fountain, PEN/Hemingway award-winning author of Brief Encounters with Che Guevara

“Troncoso delivers a surprisingly fast-paced, character-driven story. For example, readers watch Turi evolve from a meek 16-year-old loner to a capable young man who genuinely cares for his ‘semi-friend’ Arnulfo. At the same time, the road trip keeps the tightly plotted narrative moving across the country, all while villains (there are quite a few) close in. The cast also shines, including one criminal henchman harboring a tender affection for his ‘hulking giant’ of a partner. The author rounds out his memorable tale by touching on contemporary topical issues, like prejudices against caramel skin and undocumented immigrants. A sublime, diverse cast drives this tale of looking for a safe, welcoming home.”
---Kirkus Reviews

“Nobody’s Pilgrims offers a stark vision of a country whose social ills have sullied the path to the pursuit of happiness. Yet its intrepid protagonists Turi and Molly persevere, charting their own map and adapting, like generations of dreamers, immigrants, and adventurers before them, to the latest hurdles of our troubled world. Sergio Troncoso has given us a timely dystopian tale heavy with anguish but invigorated by resilience.”
---Rigoberto González, author of Butterfly Boy: Memories of a Chicano Mariposa

“Eloquent, bold and terrifying, Nobody’s Pilgrims is a fresh new take on the ancient themes of innocence pursued by evil, and of the young finding their way through a chaotic and uncertain world. Turi, Arnulfo and Molly are original and uniquely endearing, and they're a pleasure to travel with, even on such a frightening journey.”
---Elizabeth Crook, author of The Which Way Tree

“In a world marked by cruelty, corruption, bigotry and disease, Troncoso shows us there’s still room for love. With his finely honed prose style, he takes us on a journey across the country with three young hungry teens whose dreams are the only lifelines they have left. A powerful, compelling read.”
---Octavio Solis, author of Retablos: Stories From a Life Lived Along the Border

Nobody’s Pilgrims has so many good things going for it. It’s funny. It’s scary. It’s sweetly romantic. Don’t stop there, let it sink in that, la-dee-dah while these kids are falling in love, the world is being brought to its knees, not just owing to the virus, but because how people respond to it. What are you going to do about that? Where are you going to go hide out, ride out a hard storm?”
---Michael Sedano, La Bloga

“This suspense filled, dystopian adventure will keep readers on the edges of their seats as our heroes run into tight situations that appear to have no way out. I read it in just one day! As I read I could see it playing out in front of me on the big screen so, if any scriptwriters are out there, this is your next big blockbuster! Highly recommended for ages 18 and older.”
---Alma Ramos-McDermott, You Decide: Should I Read It Or Not Blog

“[T]his was a page-turner. I couldn't wait to start the next chapter to find out if I would be following the teens with hearts of gold who just want a good start at life, or the bad guys, or the family who inadvertently did the wrong things because they believed.... Nobody's Pilgrims would make for one on-the-seat-of-your-pants movie!”
---Skye Anderson, for Columbia, Maryland

*Gold Medal for Best Novel- Adventure or Drama (English) from International Latino Book Awards

*Bronze Medal for The Rudolfo Anaya Best Latino-Focused Fiction Book Award (English) from International Latino Book Awards