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LargeHearted Boy (2019) --- Spotify Playlist for A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son; 13 songs)

Madam Mayo’s Blog (2019) --- With C. M. Mayo.

Blue Muse Magazine: Connecting Across Borders (2019) --- By Emma Nelson.

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El Paso Herald-Post: Library branch renamed in honor of local author (2015) --- By City of El Paso.

Latin Post: Sergio Troncoso Shares Truths About the Border, Storytelling (2015) --- By Nicole Akoukou Thompson.

Words on a Wire Interview (2014) --- With Benjamin Saenz and Daniel Chacon. (mp3 audio format; 33 minutes)

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Texas Library Association Interview (2012) --- Interview by Ted Wanner. (mp3 audio format; 7 minutes)

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El Paso Times: An essayist for the border: Ysleta author Sergio Troncoso (2011) --- By Ramon Renteria.

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Recent Interviews and News Articles

Older Interviews and News Articles

Recent News

Ofrenda Magazine: Interview (2021) --- Sergio Troncoso talks about the new anthology he edited, Nepantla Familias: An Anthology of Mexican American Literature on Families in between Worlds.

New Books Network: Interview (2020) --- Galit Gottlieb interviews Sergio Troncoso about the landscapes of west Texas and northwest Connecticut, Nietzsche's perspectivism in storytelling, and his abuelita as his muse. (mp3 audio format; 34 minutes)

BookChat: Interview (2020) --- JJ Amaworo Wilson interviews Sergio Troncoso about his guiltiest pleasures, important lessons in life, and what writers (dead or alive) he would invite to a literary dinner party.

Robin Hood Radio: Interview (2020) --- Marshall Miles interviews Sergio Troncoso about growing up in Ysleta, Kent, Connecticut, and A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son. (mp3 audio format; 11 minutes)

Contra Viento Journal: Interview (2020) --- Gabriel Dozal interviews Sergio Troncoso about perspectivism and A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son.

El Paso Herald-Post: Troncoso honored with Kay Cattarulla Award from the Texas Institute of Letters, (2020) --- By Staff Report.

Writers Corner Live TV Show (2020) --- Bridgetti Lim Banda and Mary Elizabeth Jackson interview Sergio Troncoso about A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's Son and his grandmother Doña Dolores Rivero. (YouTube video; 33 minutes)


Inklette Magazine Conversation (2022) --- Devanshi Khetarpal and Sergio Troncoso have an in-depth and revealing conversation about the literary craft, the ethics of writing, and Nobody’s Pilgrims.

Lupita Reads Interview (2022) --- Lupita Aquino interviews Sergio Troncoso about Nobody's Pilgrims. One of the questions he answers: If your book was a famous musician, who would it be?

WKNY Interview (2022) --- Rita Vanacore interviews Sergio Troncoso about outsiders, the border, and the most important messages in Nobody’s Pilgrims.

Diverse Voices Book Review (2022) --- Hopeton Hay interviews Sergio Troncoso about the themes and characters of Nobody’s Pilgrims, writing a suspense/crime novel, and a sequel.

AL DÍA Cover Story (2022) --- Andrea Rodés interviews Sergio Troncoso:  “Nobody’s Pilgrims was written before 20 cases of COVID-19 existed in the U.S., and in a way, the novel predicted the pandemic that was to follow....” Crónica Global En Español.

Somos En Escrito (2022) --- The editors of Somos En Escrito interview Sergio Troncoso about his trajectory as a writer, Chicano literature and the morphing of its readership, changing organizations like the Texas Institute of Letters, and his novel, Nobody's Pilgrims.

El Paso Matters (2022) --- Ramon Bracamontes interviews Sergio Troncoso about being president of the Texas Institute of Letters: “I made it a point to represent all of Texas. That was our greatest accomplishment....”

Austin American-Statesman (2021) --- Michael Barnes interviews Sergio Troncoso: “Nepantla Familias shows the literary talent we have in our community.

American Book Review (2021) --- Frederick Luis Aldama interviews Sergio Troncoso: “If you’re digging honestly into yourself, you’re also looking at the problems and issues that that make up the human condition.”

Literal Magazine: Latin American Voices (2021) --- Rose Mary Salum interviews Sergio Troncoso about Nepantla Familias: “What stands out for me in all these works is how these writers are comfortable with uncertainty...”

The Downtown Writers Jam Podcast (2021) --- Brad King interviews Sergio Troncoso about growing up in Ysleta, how he became a writer in high school, and surviving the Ivy League. (mp3 audio format; 74 minutes)

The Rumpus: Interview (2021) --- Eddy Francisco Alvarez, Jr. interviews Sergio Troncoso: “For me, nepantla is about radical empathy...”

Words on a Wire Interview (2021) --- Daniel Chacon interviews Sergio Troncoso about Nepantla Familias. (mp3 audio format; 47 minutes)

The Wittliff Collections (2021) --- The Wittliff's literary curator, Steve Davis talks to author Sergio Troncoso about his book, Nepantla Familias (Texas A&M Press and The Wittliff Collections), an anthology of Mexican American authors writing on the topic of families living in between cultures and how their experiences can help us all have more empathy for one another. (YouTube video; 6 minutes)

Austin Liti Limits (2022) --- Scott Semegran interviews Sergio Troncoso about Nobody's Pilgrims (Lee & Low Books: Cinco Puntos Press), the writing craft, and if heaven exists what would Sergio like to hear God say when he arrives at the check-in desk. Stay until the lighting round of questions at the end. (YouTube video; 27 minutes)

“Sergio Troncoso Is Making Sure That Texas Literature Represents All of Texas,” Texas Monthly, August 2022.

“Predicting the Pandemic in Nobody’s Pilgrims,” The Open Book Blog: Lee & Low, May 12, 2022.

Words on a Wire (2022) --- On KTEP’s Words on a Wire, Sergio Troncoso and Daniel Chacon talk about the ideas behind Nobody’s Pilgrims. (mp3 audio format; 44 minutes)